Mastering Examples

Because there are so many different micro genres in electronic music these days, it’s next to impossible for me to have before and after audio examples for each of them.  I’ve tried to provide a good range of examples below, and I will continue to add more as the opportunity presents itself.  Please do not ask me for specific examples in your preferred genre, since I don’t own the rights for the songs, it is up to the artists and their respective labels to offer to make these examples available.

All examples are only 30 second previews of the original songs.  Because Soundcloud converts all streaming audio to a lower quality, please download the examples to hear the before and after differences in greater detail.  Thanks to all of the artists and labels for allowing me to use their songs for these examples.

Mastering examples:

(Courtesy 45 Tribute Album, Website:

(Courtesy Isaac Cotec, Website:

(Courtesy Bryan Kraft, Website:

(Courtesy Caleb Golston, Website:

(Courtesy DJ Veaux, Website:

(Courtesy Manuel Batista, Website:

(Courtesy Kozmo & Provider, Websites:,

(Courtesy PremEyE, Website:

(Courtesy Mark Rufino, Website:

(Courtesy Ape Music, Website:

(Courtesy Papertiger, Email:

(Courtesy Polar Red Recordings, Email:

Mixdown examples:

 (Courtesy Bobby Benninger, website: )

 (Courtesy Masuka, website: )

(Courtesy Micah James, website:

Testimonials from previous clients:

Absolutely delighted with the results of mix consultancy and mastering that Tarekith did for my first EP. In all honsty, the tracks sounded better with each iteration and the final masters were absolutely spot-on first time around. So pleased to have chosen Inner Portal for this work: these really are the very best that these tracks could sound!

– Paul Godden

All I can say is WOW!  You did everything I expected. You made little details come out and Glued the whole Mix together. Great communication and fast turnaround. I will spread the word. I have many songs in the works so you have my business from now on.

– Dan Bires

You did an amazing job, It came out so clear and crisp, exactly how I imagined it. It sounds great over anything.  Thank you so much, I will keep in contact for when I need more work done.  Consider me a new Loyal Customer.

– Tama Hemara

Just finished listening to the master on 2 sets of speakers & 2 sets of headphones. I’m very happy with it & the “polish” you were able to put on what I did exceeded my expectation for the track. I also think that the loudness is there without being excessive. Honestly this is the first time I’ve been able to listen to something I made on more than one set of speakers or headphones & not get frustrated.

– Adam Vittetoe

I don’t think I ever noticed how far away and distant my mix sounded until I heard your master bring everything to the forefront and place it directly & comfortably in front of me. You’ve added a level of sheen I never could achieve. I know, I’ve tried ad nauseum to master my own works. only falling very shy of the mark. Repeatedly. Was about to just pick up Ozone, use presets & be done with it. Now I can concentrate exclusively on writing & the mix. You have no idea how much time this has saved me.

– Liam McLean

Everything sounds great, thanks for doing such a great job (and quick too!). Also, thank you for your accessibility through the whole process. You’ve been very helpful! I’ll definitely be happy to refer you to anyone else in search for quality, professional mastering.

– Aluminum Forest

I don’t know how you do what you do, but I’m happy you do it. This is exactly what I wanted my track to sound like. Thank you so much. My friends know I use you and know to go to you when they have work they need mastered or mixed down. – Silver Brin

From the very first kick I can hear the difference between my master and yours. The distortion and mud in my version is really obvious now. I’m really striving for that balance between character/tone and loudness with my work and you’ve managed to deliver both. I’m sold dude.

– Jeff Uren

Thank you so much Tarekith! I appreciate your nice words! It has been a very educational experience and I am so happy for the result! I am completely satisfied.

– KMG Productions

I was out and didn’t get a chance to hear the new mix until this afternoon — and wow, you did exactly as promised! It’s so much louder, but still clean enough for my tastes. You definitely did what I was failing to do with this track. I had a feeling you’d know how to tackle it.

– Michael Holloway

I have the tracks. They all sound perfect to my ears. I still can’t believe how you can give such amazing results in so little time. Thanks again.

– Marwan Zaarab

I´m very happy with your work Tarekith, I wouldn´t have been able to do this in a gazillion years. And I’ve learned tons in the process, which was what I was hoping for.

– Kristian Børresen